How to become a good surfer ?

Surf or going to the gym, what is the best ?

You wanna improve your surfing? Go surf. You wanna workout? Go surf. You wanna get stronger? Go surf. So is that enough ? NO.
Things are different today. Most pro surfers will train, outside of the water, in order to enhance their game in the water.
Surf is not a lazy sport, it’s exhaustive and needs to be flexible and powerful. Most people think that surfers ride waves all the session and don’t know yet until they try it, that they paddle for 90% of the time and ride waves only for a few seconds.
In fact, it’s really important to prepare your body by doing workout and yoga to make you stronger and more flexible in the water.

So, you wanna get better at surfing? Go surf…hit the gym. (And then go surfing.)

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